Save a huge flying mechanical whale by uncovering the history of Ernest Hemingwhale's ancestors, one tricky physics puzzle at a time.

Throw pushy pearls to clear your way or attract attention by levitating objects in mid air. Don't forget to make use of your fancy gloves that allow you to make a precise mess of your surroundings.

You are Ernest, the last Hemingwhale still residing inside of Fin, an enormous mechanical whale built by your ancestors. One day you are interrupted spending your penny, when Fin desperatly calls you for help. His blowhole is itching, and he suspects that little squiddies have taken up residency as your evil neighbours. You should really take a look before they come knocking, asking to borrow your favourite cuttlery for an arts and crafts project.


David Lins Profile Picture
David Lins

3D Artist

Herwig Atzlinger

Game Programmierung

Andreas Lang

Game Programmierung

Ralf Zobl

Game Programmierung