In Octarina you steer an octopus while using its physical properties to your advantage. The sticky tentacles can be utilized to climb, roll over, pick up or throw objects.

Gameplay: Explore your surroundings and try to use various objects to find out how to reach blocked or hidden paths or destroy everything. The physics-based interaction and the wonky controls give the game a little twist (pun intended).

Technical information: The game was made using Unreal Engine 4.

Playtesting: If you want to test and evaluate this game, you can do so via the provided links (Download Game). You can also just play this early version, but we value your feedback and want you to help us to shape this game into the best version of itsself.

Yes sir!

Octarina will follow your orders to her best knowledge.
Octarina will follow your orders to her best knowledge.



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Martin Wolf


Game Design

Game Programmierung

User Testing

Dhana Damira Aimée Panzer

3D Artist

Character Modeling


Level Design

Christopher Dominik Pöschl




Slavko Ivanovic

Game Design

Game Programmierung

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Katrin Mair

Game Design

Game Programmierung